Health Information System



WeCare a small function of huge, reliable health information system, you can imagine, how much such application is advanced, offered in Microsoft market place, and one of few applications offered by Microsoft under co-sell umbrella.



IVF Module List

1- Appointment Management

2- Patient Records Management

3- Queue Management

4- ART Dashboard

5- Female History

6- Male History

7- Female Examination

8- Male Examination

9- Female Findings

10- Female Investigation

11- Male Investigation

12- Ultra Sonography

13- Hysteroscopy

14- Laparoscopy

15- Cyst Aspiration

16- HSG

17- Semen Fluid Analysis

18- Semen Culture and Sensitivity

19- Testicular Biopsy

20- Semen Freezing

21- Semen Thawing

22- Intrauterine Insemination

23- X-Y Separation

24- Sexual Transmitted Disease

25- Thrombophilia

26- Fish

27- Karyotyping

28- Sperm DNA Fragmentation

29- Y-Chromosome Micro-deletions

30- Embryo Freezing Bank

31- Sperm Freezing Bank

32- Freezing expiry contract

33- Filter freezing expiry contracts according to their end date

34- Female Consent

35- Male Consent

- ART Cycle

A. Therapy Overview

B. Semen Details

C. Follicular Monitoring

D. Schedule for ET and OPU

E. OPU Details

F. Embryology Work (Lab Days)

G. PGD Details

H. Cryo-preservation Details (Vitrification and Thawing)

I. Embryo Transfer Details

J. Luteal Phase

K. Outcome Details

L. New Born Details

M. Patient Document

- Billing

- Inventory

A. Pharmacy

B. General Inventory

- MIS Reports

- Administration